Sorry We Missed You!!!

Hey Y'all, It's Cara again!

You may have already noticed that Little Miss Cara Blog has been missing for a few months. This is because I have been very busy working on tons of projects to create even better content for y'all! I want to sincerely thank everybody who has followed me in my first year blogging. If you've been with we from the start then you sure are a trooper!

However, I am so sad, I mean thrilled to announce that this blog is shutting down for good! And...That I am moving my blog to a real domain website! LOL Got y'all there! This has been a very long blogging journey, and I just can't thank my readers enough for your support! will be launching June 1st, 2016. Where you can read my posts on fashion, beauty, and much more every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Can't wait to see Y'all there! Byeeeee!!!